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farm to table spa treatments

Hawaiian Lomi lomi MassagE Facials Body Polishes

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wellness &

master Massage Therapy

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master massage

by Lelle

cabernet malec

Five star golden review

Serving lahaina twelve years

expert experience in

massage & Aesthetics

Essential oil distiller


licensed & insured

Luxury Resort & Medically Trained

Aveda institute Graduate

White Jasmine Flower
Tropical Frangipani Flower

100 % Authentic

hawaiian & Exotic

botanicals in

every treatment

Gold Glitter Shiny Sprinkles Texture
Tropical Frangipani Flower
White Jasmine Flower
Laurel Wreath Gold Award



Safe Spa


Complimentary Enhancements

in every massage, facial & Body Polish

hawaiian & Exotic

massage oil

infused with

local & Exotic


Sunflower and Leaves Cutout
Jojoba oil, seeds and leaves







sea salt


Rolled Towels

Steam Towels

Mini Lava


The most uniqe spa treatments on maui

  • Mini-lava stones
  • heated sea salt therapy
  • steam towels
  • botanical mist

25 minutes $70 or all 3 for $185

Express Combo

Massage, Facial BodyPolish

Choose your Treatment

Sugar or Salt Scrub

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Luxury Hawaiian Massage

60 minutes $145 90 minutes $195

Experience deep relaxation upon a bed of amethyst & tourmaline infrared bio-mat with luxury linens. Breathe rare authentic botanical Aromas.Absorb pure artisan crafted Local and exotic botanical oil infused with CBD upon request. Enhance lymphatic flow with hawaiian lava stones, Heated sea salt therapy, and light therapy. Expert techniques of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Therapeutic Sports, Myofascial and stretching, are combined to sooth sore muscles, joints. This signature treatment will Renew your sense of Island tranquility within your soul.

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60 minutes $185 OR 90 minutes $235

THis signature treatment has been a lahaina favorite since 2013.

combining everything from the Luxury hawaiian massage with upgraded, Rare Private Reserve botanical massage oils and body mists. your glow will be replenished with a hydrating Hawaiian Collagen Facial massage activated by light therapy. Spiritually meditate with a crown chakra warm scalp treatment.Heated Himalayan salt stones gently detox and exfoliate tired feet in preparation for foot reflexology. This truly medicinal ritual will leave you floating with a deep sense of

cellular healing from the Aina.

Apothecary Massage

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This Royal Treatment begins with a full body exfoliation featuring genuine crushed Pearls, silk and whipped shea butter polish. Next your skin will be drenched with a dewy Exclusive and Rare Botanical serum. Lelle specially formulates this with hand harvested hawaiian Immortelle distilled on the slopes of Mauna Loa. This rare flower is then infused with vegan mushroom Hawaiian Rainforest collagen for ultimate therapeutic skin repair. This formula is massaged into your skin from head to toe. Lastly your scalp is massaged with Aloe, silk & warm botanical treatment oil. leaving you with a halo of silky Mermaid goddess like hydration.

Collagen, Silk & Pearls

Body Treatment

60 minutes $185 OR 90 minutes $235

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full body botanical Rejuvination

Salt or Sugar
Opened Coconut

Massage, Facial, Body Polish Combo

Jojoba oil, seeds and leaves

$195 - 75



  • Pineapple, Vanilla, coconut massage oil
  • Mini-Lava Stones
  • Heated Sea Salt Therapy
  • Hawaiian Botanical Mist

  • Red and Blue Light Laser
  • Hawaiian Mushroom Collagen mask serum
  • Rose Facial Oil

  • Pineapple, Vanilla, Coconut & Sugar Body Polish
  • Steam Towels

Express Facial

Express Body Polish

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RElax on luxury linens upon a heated infrared bed amethyst and tourmaline

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Sat & Sun : By Request

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